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Native to our wild landscapes

Originating in Scotland’s wild landscapes, the Blackface is an important part of our native upland ecosystems. Hardy and maternal, the Blackface thrives in low-input farming systems and produces consistently excellent, well-flavoured meat.

Championing the Blackface Sheep Breed since 1901

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The Association was formed on 20 August 1901 at a meeting in Lanark to promote the interests of the Blackface sheep breed which is the most numerous pure breed in Britain, with the vast majority found in Scotland. They are one of the hardiest sheep breeds in the country and are the backbone of the Scottish sheep industry. All Blackfaces are horned, with black or black and white face and legs. As a maternal hill breed, the females have a strong mothering ability to rear lambs in extreme terrain. The breed is easily hefted, making it ideal for large areas of hill country and is able to produce sheep for every climatic condition, thanks to the different distinct types within the breed, which have evolved over the years influenced by climate, environment and grazing quality.


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