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Lanark Shearling Sale

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286 shearling rams sold to average £2952.70 (+£490 for 15 fewer sold).


£45,000 MIDLOCK (by £30k Nunnerie) to Elmscleugh & Hill of Errol.

£36,000 MERKLAND (by £34k Crossflatt) to Blackhouse, Burncastle & Glenrath.

£32,000 DYKE (by £17k Midlock) to Dunruchan, Kirkstead & Tinnis.

£28,000 CORSEBANK (by £1000 S.Cobbinshaw) to Aikengall, Hartside & Parkhall.

£22,000 ALLANFAULD (by £30k Nunnerie) to Messrs McGuigan, O’Mullan & McEldowney, NI.

£20,000 MIDLOCK (by £30k Midlock) to Hartside.

£18,000 WESTER CROSSWOODHILL (by £9k Glenrath) to Ashcraig, Dryhope & Crosswoodhill.

£15,000 DYKE (by £12k Dyke) to Drannandow & Drumbreddan.

£15,000 GLENRATH (by £11k Glenrath) to Allanfauld & Hartside.

£15,000 MADRISSA (by £3200 Dalchirla) to Dalchirla & Glenrath.

£14,000 AULDHOUSEBURN (by £82k Loughash) to Easter Happrew.

£12,000 DYKE (by £4k Allanfauld) to Allanfauld & Nunnerie.

£12,000 ELMSCLEUGH (by £32k Elmscleugh) to Borthwickshiels.

£11,000 ALLANFAULD (by £16k Midlock) to Midlock & Nunnerie.

£11,000 DYKE (by £30k Nunnerie) to Livet.

£11,000 CRAIGDARROCH (by £2200 Midlock) to Dudlees & Yatesfield.

£10,000 DUNRUCHAN (by £4500 Fingland) to Larg, Creetown & Fingland.

£10,000 KIRKSTEAD (by £40k Burncastle) to Corsebank.

£10,000 ELMSCLEUGH (by £80k Allanfauld) to Gosland.

£10,000 GLENRATH (by £100k Midlock) to Dyke & Midlock.

£9000 NUNNERIE (by son of The Unit) to Tinnis.

£9000 TINNIS (by £14k Glenrath) to Fingland.

£8000 CORRIEDOW (by Midlock sire) to Blackcraig, Blackhouse & Glenrath.

£8000 WILLIAMHOPE (by £1500 Whelphill) to Milnmark.

£7500 PARKHALL (by £13k Kirkstead) to Kirkstead.

£7500 CRAIGDARROCH (by £4k Allanfauld) to South Cobbinshaw.

£7000 TINNIS (by £14k Allanfauld) to Borthwickshiels.

£7000 WILLIAMHOPE (by son of £60k Glenrath) to The Yett.

£6500 MERKLAND (by £34k Crossflatt) to Merkins.

£6500 KIRKSTEAD (by £14k Glenrath) to Ashcraig.

£6200 MIDLOCK (by the Buck) to Allanfauld.

£6200 MITCHELLHILL (by £9k South Cobbinshaw) to Moorfoot.

£6000 BURNCASTLE (by £15k Merkland) to Glenrath.

£5800 MOORFOOT (by £40k Burncastle) to Glenrinnes Farms.

£5800 THE YETT to Aikengall

£5500 HARTSIDE (by £10k Dalchirla) to Williamhope.

£5500 BLACKHOUSE (by £30k Auldhouseburn) to Hartside.

£5000 GLENRATH (by £100k Midlock) to Livet.


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