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Ayr Ewe & Gimmer report 2021

16th September 2021


Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 3495 Sheep comprising 585 Blackface Ewes, 436 Blackface Gimmers, 82 Blackface Ewe Lambs, 162 Cheviot Gimmers, 172 Mule Ewe Lambs, 84 Mule Gimmers and 472 any other Breed of Gimmers, Ewes and Stock Ewes and 1630 Store Lambs.

Top Price Blackface Ewes went to the Hurcomb Family of Lagafater Farms, Barvannoch for the second year in a row for a pen which realised £128. The 585 Ewes Averaged £107.30 (+£20.89) A mixed offering Blackface Gimmers with Top Price being £190 for a Superb pen off Messrs John McWhirter & Co, Linfairn. The 436 Gimmers Averaged £146 (+£9 on the year).

Mule Gimmers sold to £190 for a pen off Messrs S Rorison, Dallowie (Patna) and Mule Ewe Lambs to £105 off Jane ML Seaton, Knockewart.

Blackface Ewes (Top Price Per Head)
£128 Barnvannoch, £125 Pinvalley, £122 Craig and Barnvannoch, £118 South Bank (Arran), £118 Craig, £118 Pinvalley, £115 Craig, £112 x2 Knockdon, £110 Lanes, Dalwyne and Knockdon, £108 Lochgoin, £105 x2 Ashmark, £105 Largs and Knockdon.

Blackface Gimmers (Top Price Per Head)
£190 Linfairn, £168 Roan of Balcaimie, £165 Linfairn, Ashburn and Pennyvenie, £162 Brockloch (New Cumnock), £158 Pennyvenie, £155 and £150 Balrazzie, £150 x2 Knockdon, £150 Middlepart.

Blackface Ewe Lambs (Top Price Per Head)
£102 Brockloch (New Cumnock), £70 and £68 Pinvalley.

Store Lambs (Top Price Per Head)
Blackface: £65 Brockloch, £63 Montgomerie Farms.

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