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Female Sale Report 2021

24th February 2021

14,000gns centre record at Blackface Female Sale  Thursday 25th February, 2021

The Blackface Sheep Breeders Association Lanark female sale  held as an online timed auction for the first time  proved a huge success, with a total clearance for all 50 lots and a new centre record achieved.
The sale averaged £3214 for the 50 lots, with a gimmer from Hugh and Alan Blackwoods Auldhouseburn flock at Muirkirk, leading the trade at 14,000gns. Sired by £160,000 Elmscleugh and out of a ewe by £90,000 Blackhouse, which has previously bred sons to £36,000, this one is scanned with a single, due to £70,000 Harestone. She sold to Kofali Farm, London.

14,000gns Auldhouseburn

Next best in the gimmers, was a 10,000gns final bid for one from John and Patrick Harkins Northern Ireland-based Loughash flock. A daughter of £7000 Nunnerie, out of a ewe by £7000 Elmscleugh, she sold due with twins to last years purchase, a £9000 Elmscleugh. Buyer was Keiran Donaghey, Effishmore, Clonmany.

10,200gns Loughash

At 5100gns, Eoin Blackwood, Dalblair, Ayr, sold a gimmer by £28,000 Auldhouseburn, scanned with twins to the £20,000 Orchilmore sire, to Grant Bros, Craigdoo, Newry.
Best for the Renwicks Williamhope entries, from Clovenfords, was 4400gns, for a gimmer by £75,000 Glenrath, carrying twins to £19,000 Dalchirla. She went to E Fraser, Balgowan, Laggan.
Leading the ewe trade at 10,200gns, was a two-crop from the Harkins Loughash flock. She is by £24,000 Crossflatt, out of a daughter of £24,000 Elmscleugh, and is due with twins to £38,000 Dalchirla. Final bidders on that one were J Grant, Cloughfin, and Brian Curran, Glackmore, both Northern Ireland.

10,000gns Loughash

At 4100gns, John Murray, Crossflatt, Muirkirk, sold a four-crop ewe by £90,000 Blackhouse, with all proceeds of that one being donated to RSABI. Carrying a single to £14,000 Crossflatt, she sold to Alasdair Fletcher, Laigh Hatton, Bishopton.
Auctioneer: Lawrie and Symington

Other leading prices:
Lot 43  4000gns The Rock (by £45k Loughash) to W Crawford, Newton Stewart.
Lot 19  4000gns Grains (by son of £24k Connachan) to JG Pears, Sheffield.
Lot 3  4000gns Lurg (by £22k Dalchirla) to J Brannigan, Dungannon.
Lot 22  3800gns Dalblair (by £28k Auldhouseburn) to D Harrison, Annalong.
Lot 34  3500gns Dalwyne (by £22k Dalchirla) to Grant Bros, Craigdoo, Newry.
Lot 30  3300gns Hill of Errol (by £26k Dalchirla) to B Curran, Glackmore.
Lot 5  3100gns Woolfords (by 750gns Gallagher) to M Freil, London.
Lot 49  3000gns Williamhope (by £42k Glenrath) to R Hannah, Blackloch.
Lot 36  3000gns Glenrath (by £6500 Gass) to C Toner, Lochgoilhead.
Lot 11  2800gns Midlock (by £26k Dyke) to Birthwood
Lot 10  2800gns Midlock (by Hawkeye) to J G Pears Ltd, Sheffield
Lot 13  2800gns Midlock (by SO £24k Connachan) to Auchnafree Estate, Dunkeld
Lot 12  2700gns Miclock (by 26k Dyke) to Jw Kay & Co, Gass
Lot 18  2600gns Grains (by £6000 Auchloy) to D Morrison, Dalwyne
Lot 35  2300gns Dalwyne (by £22k Dalchirla) to M & G Ballantyne, East Cauldcoats
Lot 14  2000gns Midlock (by SO £24k Connachan) to Auchnafree Estate, Dunkeld
Lot 31  2000gns Hill of Errol (by £5500 Nunnerie) to M Rorison, Clonrae
Lot 40  1900gns Blackhouse (by £42k Glenrath) to Riskenhope, Cramalt
Lot 41  1500gnd Blackhouse (by £30k Dyke) to Robertson, Linthills
Lot 29  1500gns Lurgan (by £5000 Crossflatt) to J McCurdy
Lot 26  1400gns Craigdoo (by £3200 Auldhouseburn) to M Lennox, Cookstown
Lot 27  1200gns Craigdoo (by £10k Elmscleugh) to JJ McAlister, Cushendun
Lot 42  1200gns Blackhouse (by £25k Elmscleugh) to Craig, Normangill
Lot 20  1100gns Grains (by £4000 Gass) to D MacKinnon, Low Tirfergus Farm
Lot 37  1000gns Glenrath (by £75k Dalchirla) to H Robson, Townshields
Lot 15  1000gns Midlock (by £8000 Dyke) to E Roberts, Wrexham
Lot 50  950gns Williamhope (by £10k Midlock) to Craig, Normangill
Lot 25  900gns Gosland (by HB so £11k Auldhouseburn) to J Cairns, Millcroft
Lot 24  800gns Gosland (by £11k Auldhouseburn) to J Cairns, Millcroft
Lot 23  700gns Gosland (by £2000 Dalbalir) to Riskenhope, Cramalt

Lot 2  4000gns Lurg (by 50/50) to D Morrison, Dalwyne, Barr.
Lot 1  4000gns Lurg (by Gass Bulletin) to D Morrison, Dalwyne, Barr.
Lot 17  4000gns Crossflatt (by £45k Loughash) to H Smith, Wiley Sike, Gilsland.
Lot 4  3900gns Woolfords (by £8k Eastmill) to P McEvoy, Newry.
Lot 6  3500gns Loughash (by Buffalo) to D MacMullan, Maghera.
Lot 28  3100gns Lurgan (by £5k Crossflatt) to Birthwood Farm Partnership.
Lot 39  3000gns Calla (by 8000gns McEvoy) to B Robinson, Letterkenny.
Lot 9  2700gns Midlock (by SO £12k Aitkenhead) to Birthwood
Lot 33  2100gns Hill of Errol (by Lurg SO £15k Midlock) to J Cairns, Millcroft
Lot 45  1800gns Cairnhill (by 6500gns Harkin) to A McEvoy, Newry
Lot 38 - 1600gns Calla (by £7500 Woolfords) to J Morrow, Lifford
Lot 46  1600gns Cairnhill (by 2000gns Cloughfin) to C & C Harkin, Donnemana
Lot 32  1600gns Hill of Errol (by GS £11k Aitkenhead) to T & M Paterson, Dunruchan
Lot 44  1500gns The Rock (by £7000 Nunnerie) to D Breslin, Ardara

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