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Dalmally (Stirling) Ram Lamb report 2020

24th October 2020

Dalchirla sells record priced Blackface ram at £200,000

A new breed record of £200,000 was paid for a Blackface ram lamb from Ian Hunter's Dalchirla flock at United Auctions' Dalmally sale staged at Stirling this year to allow for social distancing.

The sale, which supersedes the previous high of £160,000 paid twice  for another ram lamb from Dalchirla in 2015, and for another from the Dunlops, Elmscleugh in 2018  also ensured a new centre record average of £3917.32 for 153  more than three times the amount of last year's average when 216 lambs were cashed at £1285.74.

Such was the cracking trade throughout that no fewer than 11 lambs sold at five-figure prices to produce an overall average more than double that of 2019  without the £200,000 record breaker.

The new sale high was also produced under completely different circumstances compared to previous years at Dalmally which would often be packed to the rafters with spectators and breed enthusiasts.
Instead a very different, socially distanced ringside of vendors and purchasers only, meant it was a business only day for the final big Blackface ram sale of the year.
"It has been a very good sale with the trade being a reflection of the increased demand for all types of sheep this year and one of the best shows of Blackface rams we've seen at this event," said George Purves, managing director at United Auctions.
"People are just so pleased to have a sale even though it has been one of social distancing and behind masks. We have a huge responsibility to protect our staff and customers so we took the decision from Day 1 to be stringent with the rules which I hope will pay off for everyone long-term. It goes against the grain for us as auctioneers not to allow everyone into the market, but we hope to be able to welcome people back as soon as possible."

While it was a good day for most breeders, it was a momentous one for Ian Hunter, who not only sold the £200,000 lamb but also another five lambs at or above the £10,000 mark to produce a new record average of £54,667 for six.
Mr Hunter and his brother Alan, also sold the third highest priced shearling ram at £22,000, with their pen of 20 cashing in at £3620.
Setting the heather alight was the pen leader, which is backed by two generations of home-bred genetics. He is by a home-bred son of Dalchirla Boris retained for breeding, while the dam is by a £24,000 Connachan shearling which is still going strong as a six-shear. The lamb sold to Archie and John MacGregor, Allanfauld, Kilsyth; the Wights from Midlock, Crawford and the Campbell family from Glenrath, Peebles who all pay £50,000. Mr Hunter who is retaining an equal share, paid the remaining £50,000.
Another bred the exact same way, made £15,000. He was chapped down to Willie Dunlop and sons Quintin and William, Elmscleugh, Innerwick, Dunbar.
Dalchirla also sold the next three highest priced lambs at £40,000, £38,000 and £21,000.
Dearest was the pen's No 4, a son of the £45,000 Nunnerie shearling ram of which a share was bought at Dalmally last year, out of a ewe by the same £24,000 Connachan sire. He was knocked down to Mary McCall Smith, Connachan, Crieff; David Murray, Lurgan, Aberfeldy and Aberuchill Estate, Comrie, 'herded by Craig Paterson.
The third Dalchirla lamb made £38,000, selling to Andrew Kay and sons Robert and Andrew, Gass, Straiton; David Morrison, Dalwyne, Barr and John and Patrick Harkin, Loughash, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The breeding behind this entry includes a home-bred son of the £24,000 Connachan retained for breeding, onto a ewe by Boris  a Dalchirla-bred son of a £10,000 Nunnerie which is also still working as a five-shear.
The last two Dalchirla lambs made £21,000 and £14,000. Dearest was a direct son of the £24,000 Connachan out of a ewe by the £10,000 Nunnerie, purchased by Charlie and Cathal Harkin, The Rock, and Brian Devine, all from Strabane, Northern Ireland.
Selling for £14,000 was another son of the £45,000 Nunnerie, out of a Boris-sired dam. He headed home to Glenmore Estate, Aghueagh.

Having topped the Lanark sale at £80,000 the previous day, Archie and John MacGregor's Allanfauld consignment was back in the money with an £18,000 sale for a full brother to their £20,000 lamb sold at the Lawrie and Symington event. He is got by semen from the £160,000 Dalchirla lamb and bred from a ewe that goes back to the Allanfauld champion winning ewe at the National Show at Stirling. Another heading across the Irish Sea, he sold in a three-way split to the Harkins from Loughash and Moneygran, Dunamanagh and Veronica Fullerton, Draperstown.
Allanfauld also took £7000 for a lamb by a £2200 Nunnerie, from Tom and Mairi Paterson and son Robert, Dunruchan, Muthill, Crieff.

The £160,000 Dalchirla was also on the dam side of Hugh and Alan Blackwood's £16,000 ram lamb from Auldhouseburn, Muirkirk, purchased by Northern Ireland breeders, James McCurdy, Broughshane, Ballymena, and Messrs Douglas, Castlederg, Co Tyrone.
Neighbouring breeder, John Murray, Crossflatt, had plenty to celebrate too when he sold two lambs at £14,000. The first and pen leader was a son of the £38,000 Crossflatt lamb sold last year at Lanark, out of a ewe by a £90,000 Blackhouse. The buyers were Aberuchill Estate and Sanny Blackwood, Greenside, Muirkirk, with Crossflat retaining a third share.
The second £14,000 sale came for the No 3, by the £150,000 Auldhouseburn lamb, and again bred from a £90,000 Blackhouse daughter. He was knocked down to James McCurdy, Northern Ireland and Billy McFarlane and sons Joe and Alfie, Drumgrange, Patna.

The £150,000 Auldhouseburn was again behind an £8000 Crossflatt lamb purchased by T Rooney, Carmeen Road, Mayobridge. One of the best bred lambs in the market, his dam, a nine-year-old ewe by a £26,000 Crossflatt is also the dam of Mr Murray's Spectre home-bred tup retained for breeding.

Glenrath was back in business after their big day at Lanark on the Thursday when they sold the £60,000 top priced shearling, selling a lamb at £13,000 to Auldhouseburn, Eoin and Kirstyn Blackwood, Dalblair, Muirkirk and Elmscleugh. The breeding behind this growthy lad brought out by Steven Renwick, includes the £160,000 Elmscleugh lamb onto a ewe by an £18,000 Midlock

Thomas and Glen Muirhead, Orchilmore, Comrie, had another good day too, taking £10,000 from the Taylors at Dall, Killin, for a son of an £8000 Towiemore out of a ewe by a Glenrath tup.

Top price for Sandy Paterson, who has sold his last 30 ewes from the Auchloy flock from Crieff  10 years after he officially retired in 2010  was £8000 for a son of a £6200 Troloss, bred from a ewe by a £38,000 Auchloy. The buyers were North of England breeders, Joe Walton and Stewart Robson, Tofthouse and Messrs Walton, Stewartshields.


Ram lambs  £6000  Dyke, by a £17,000 Midlock, to G McGinn, Chirmorrie.
£5500  Auldhouseburn, by a £150,000 Auldhouseburn, to W Kerr, Middleton; Outerwards, by a Culdoach-bred son of a £14,000 Auldhouseburn, to Elmscleugh.
Auctioneers: United Auctions

FLOCK averages
Ram lambs
Flock (No) Top (£) Average
Parkhall (3) 1100 833.00
Midlock Glespin (8) 5000 1225.00
Kirkland of Morton (3) 450 250.00
Auldhouseburn (4) 16,000 6700.00
Shankhead (3) 200 116.67
Allanfauld (4) 18,000 7125.00
Greenside (3) 2000 933.33
Glenrath (3) 13,000 5016.67
Strath (3) 110 96.67
West Lethans (3) 450 310.00
Drumgrange (3) 850 433.33
Crossflatt (5) 14,000 8680.00
South Cobbinshaw (3) 1400 866.67
Elmscleugh (6) 5000 2933.33
Orchilmore (5) 10,000 4340.00
Knock O'Ronald (7) 1400 542.86
Invernahyle (4) 150 100.00
Dyke (4) 6000 2712.50
Dalblair (4) 5000 1462.50
Upper Wellwood (3) 1000 740.00
Dalwyne (5) 3000 1350.00
Nunnerie,Wintercleugh (3) 700 366.67
Towiemore (3) 1800 1066.67
Dalchirla (6) 200,000 54,666.67
Nunnerie (5) 4500 1214.00
Balrazzie (3) 500 416.67
Auchloy (5) 8000 3660.00
Harestone (3) 1600 833.33
High Staward (3) 400 316.67

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