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Dalmally (Stirling) Shearling Sale report 2020

24th October 2020

Dyke tops BF shearlings at £30,000 at UA Stirling, Dalmally sale

Averages: 418 shearling rams, £1319.49 (+£217.03 for 77 fewer).

It was a day to remember for most Blackface sheep vendors at the re-located Dalmally ram sale, at Stirling, where a flying trade throughout saw shearlings sell to a top at £30,000 for a cracking tup from Jimmy and Donald MacGregor's Dyke flock from Milton of Campsie, who sold 13 to level at an impressive £4234.62.

Such was the demand for quality, breedy rams, that nine shearlings hit the five-figure bracket, with overall sale averages up £217.03 per head to cash in at £1319.49.

Dyke's pen leader boasted a first class pedigree too, being sired by the MacGregor's £38,000 tup sold at Lanark, in 2019, while the dam is a £25,000 Crossflatt-sired ewe. Buying back some of his own genetics, he sold in a two-way split to John Murray, Crossflatt, Muirkirk, and Andrew and Ian Cullens, Dollarbank, Dollar.
The father and son duo also sold another at £9000, to David Fergusson who manages the Drannandow flock at Newton Stewart. He is by a home-bred £2500 Dyke tup, sold at Dalmally in 2019 and out of a £35,000 Dalchirla-sired dam.

Next in the trade stakes at £25,000 was the pen leader from Allan Wight, son Allan and his son Ben, Midlock, Crawford, Abington, which sold in a three-way partnership to Neil and Stuart Barclay, Harestone, Insch; Billy and Andrew Renwick, Blackhouse, Yarrow, and Burncastle Farming, Lauder. He is by a home-bred son of a £24,000 Connachan and bred from a ewe by a £100,000 Elmscleugh lamb bought at Dalmally.
Another from Midlock made £6000, selling to Auchnafree Estates, Amulree, managed by Andy Scott. A direct son of the £24,000 Connachan, he is out of a ewe by a £14,000 Dalchirla.

Ian Hunter sold the pen leader from his Dalchirla flock, based at Muthill, Crieff at £22,000 to Harestone. He is by the same sire as the £200,000 record priced Dalchirla ram lamb sold later in the day  a home-bred son of Dalchirla Boris, which goes back to a £10,000 Nunnerie  and out of a ewe by a £24,000 Connachan.
Another three Dalchirla shearlings sold at big money with the next best at £16,000 selling to Andrew Campbell who farms at Drimsynie, Lochgoilhead and Highland Livestock, Fort William and the remaining third selling to Ewen Macmillan, Lurg, Fintry. A son of the £24,000 Connachan, his dam is by a £24,000 Elmscleugh.
The No 4 from Mr Hunter made £9000 to Archie and John MacGregor, Allanfauld, Kilsyth and Harestone. Another by the same sire as the £200,000 lamb, he is bred from a daughter of £24,000 Connachan.
And, at £7000, Dalchirla sold a son of the £24,000 Connachan out of the same ewe that bred a £26,000 lamb sale to Elmscleugh and Hill of Errol in 2018, a daughter of a home-bred son of £50,000 Dalwyne. Final bidders on this occasion were the Branagans from Kilcoo and Conor Laverty, Kilcon, both Newry, Co Down, Northern Ireland and Lochryan Farming, High Croach, Cairnryan.

Despite being one of the last lots sold, Ewen Macmillan's Lurg consignment again came up with the goods, when his pen leader made £22,000. This big fella is by a £2800 Midlock tup, out of a ewe by a £4200 Connachan and sold to Willie Dunlop and sons Quintin and William, Elmscleugh, Dunbar and the Ramsays at Milnmark, Dalry.
Mr Macmillan also took £5000 from Andrew Walker, Crammie, Glenprosen; Richard Nixon, Marbrack, Carsphairn and Messrs Rogerson and Cranson, Peterhead, for a shearling son of £22,000 Dalchirla tup. The dam is a daughter of a £15,000 Connachan.

On the debit side, Lurg bought a half share of the pen leader from the 2000-strong Elmscleugh flock which produced three five-figure shearlings. Selling at £18,000 was a son of a £26,000 Dalchirla lamb purchased at Dalmally in 2018, out of a £22,000 Dalwyne-sired dam. Dalchirla bought the remaining half.
Another two from Elmscleugh made £13,000 each with the first being a home-bred son out of a £12,000 Gass. He sold to Andrew Kay and sons Robert and Andrew, Gass, Straiton and John and Iain Finlay, Blackcraig, Corsock.
The second at £13,000, a son of a £10,000 Auldhouseburn, out of a £24,000 Dalchirla-sired dam, headed home with David Henderson, Sweetshawhead, Elvanfoot.

Stephen Duncan's Livet flock from Glenlivet, also enjoyed a good day selling his best at £10,000 to Andrew Hunter, The Steel, Bellingham, Messrs Mackay, Westhills, Rothbury and Messrs Walton, Tuft House, Otterburn. A son of a £2800 Dalchirla, he is out of a Livet show ewe by a £2700 Tinnis.
Craigengillan Estates' Beoch, Loch Doon flock farmed by Billy Welsh, was another in the money with his best making £9000 in a two-way split to Jim and Fiona Burns, Craignell, New Galloway and Willie Welsh, Burnfoot, Sanquhar. He is by a £1400 Midlock.

Top price for the Campbell family's Glenrath flock, Peebles, brought out by Steven Renwick, was £7500 paid by Graham Wallace, Shilnavogie, Co Antrim. Their No 1, is a son of the £160,000 Elmscleugh and bred from a ewe by a £12,000 Dalchirla.

Close behind on £7000 was the best from Ian Houston, Culbae, Castle Douglas, a £2000 Dalchirla-sired shearling purchased by Andrew Walker, Crammie, Glenprosen and Marbrack.
Matching that price, Tommy Renwick and son Tom, Williamhope, Clovenfords, sold a son of a £10,000 Midlock, out of a ewe by a £25,000 Elmscleugh, to James Duncan-Millar, Remony, Aberfeldy.

Just behind, on £6000, Dumfriesshire breeder, Richard Carruthers, Merkland, Penpont, Thornhill, sold a son of a £4800 Auldhouseburn, to Iain and Bobby McLarty, Little Port, St Fillans.
Two shearlings from Robert Cockburn, Hill of Errol, Perth, made £5000 to include a son of a £26,000 Dalchirla which was knocked down to Dalchirla and Alastair and David MacArthur, Nunnerie, Elvanfoot.
The second, a son of a £12,000 Crossflatt, sold jointly to Willie Lockhart, Culdoach, Kirkcudbright and David Morrison, Dalwyne, Barr.

Auctioneers: United Auctions

FLOCK averages

Flock (No) Top (£) Average
Shearling rams
Lephinchapel (4) 600 475.00
Elmscleugh (8) 18,000 6812.50
Merkins (6) 2000 1433.33
Mitchellhill (6) 900 483.33
Wester Crosswood Hill (6) 1600 733.33
West Lethans (9) 1000 516.67
Gass (6) 700 475.00
Dullator (7) 1600 521.43
North Amulree (6) 550 341.67
Hartside, Lammermuir (5) 1000 650.00
Dunruchan (4) 550 400.00
Nunnerie (14) 2800 1017.86
Burncastle (7) 1100 557.14
Glen, Gatehouse (4) 1400 600.00
Williamhope (11) 7000 1422.73
Dall (11) 1100 500.00
Glen Cally (3) 700 500.00
Letar (11) 1200 445.45
Langhaugh (9) 7500 1988.89
Chirmorrie (6) 900 566.67
Midlock (15) 25,000 3153.33
Crosswoodhill (4) 1000 575.00
Madrissa (3) 3800 1850.00
Dalwyne (6) 550 350.00
West Bracklinn (11) 750 418.18
Dalchirla (20) 22,000 3620.00
Outerwards (3) 450 400.00
Grains and
Crimp Cramp (7) 4500 1307.14
Crackaig (3) 650 550.00
Silloans (4) 600 462.50
High Staward (5) 500 390.00
Orchilmore (3) 850 583.33
Blackhouse (6) 1200 716.67
Livet (7) 10,000 1942.86
Blackcraig (4) 400 287.00
Craigdarroch (3) 1200 933.33
Lynemore (3) 750 533.33
Moorfoot (6) 1400 533.33
Cromlix (14) 1200 553.57
Glendale (4) 700 462.50
Connachan (6) 1000 633.33
Kilsyth (9) 3500 1033.33
Upper Wellwood (3) 1000 700.00
Corsebank (3) 800 516.67
Shenlarich (6) 2800 1075.00
Upper Cleugh (8) 1200 303.75
Merkland (4) 6000 2875.00
Pole (7) 2800 935.71
Aberuchill (3) 150 140.00
Braes of Ardeonaig (6) 600 308.33
Balliemeanoch (7) 1000 578.57
Whelphill (6) 4000 1433.33
Drimsynie (5) 200 200.00
Longcroft (3) 450 366.674
Laigh Balernock (5) 700 520.00
Ashintully (4) 350 217.50
Drumbreddan (8) 250 193.75
Dyke (13) 30,000 4234.62
East Bracklinn (10) 1400 720.00
Hill of Errol (6) 5000 2666.67
Lurg (4) 22,000 7250.00
Allanfauld (11) 1600 672.73

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