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Perth Ram Society Sale 2020

10th October 2020


Averages: 137 shearling rams, £1122.63 (+£268.63 for three fewer sold); 43 ram lambs, £840.70 (+£145.70 for two fewer sold).

North-type Blackface rams met a strong trade at the Perth Ram Society sale at United Auctions, Stirling, with prices peaking at £22,000 and averages up on the year.
Making the top price was the best from Tom, Mairi and Robert Patersons Craigneich flock, based at Muthill, Crieff. A record price for the flock, which carries 400 North ewes and 1300 South-type, this shearling ram is by a £5000 Hillhead of Morinsh ram that was bought at Stirling two years ago. Out of a ewe by a £500 Auchnacloich, he sold to David Ballie, Calla, Carnwath.
From the same pen, the Patersons sold another by the same sire, at £11,000, to J Hunter, Glenarm, Co Antrim, and Bert Grant, Glendamph, Glenisla. That ones dam is by a £5500 Viewmount sire.
Stephen Duncan, Achdregnie, Glenlivet, enjoyed a steady trade throughout, selling to a top of £7800, for a shearling son of a 5500gns Conway Bros tup that was bought in 2018. Out of a ewe by a £3000 Calla, he sold to the Conway Bros in Plumbridge, Northern Ireland.

Another from Achdregnie, by the same sire, made £3200, to WG MacPherson, Blackford, Croy, while the Hamiltons from Woolfords, Cobbinshaw, paid £3000 for one from the same pen, as did W Stewart, Bomakelloch, Drummuir, jointly with the Shearers at Hillhead of Morinsh.
Best for the Hamilton familys Woolfords shearling consignment, was a £6000 bid from five Northern Ireland buyers  Thomas Harkin, Charlie Harkin, Brian Curran, Billy Grant and Charlie Gallagher. Overall North-type champion at the Blackface virtual show, which took place through the summer, this son of a 220gns Harkin ram, is out of a ewe by an 11,000gns Breslin.
Cadogan Estates Auchnacloich consignment, from Amulree, peaked at £3200, for a shearling son of a £4200 Craigneich, out of a ewe by a £4000 Newmill of Inshewan. He was another to sell across the water, to W and G Watson, Corain, and Tom Adams, Ballymena.

Leading the lamb trade, at £8000, was one from the Shearers 450-ewe flock at Hillhead of Morinsh, Glenlivet. Making the flocks best ever price for a lamb, this one is by a £3800 Achdregnie that was bought last year, out of a ewe by a £7000 Hillhead sire. He was knocked down to Auchnacloich.
The Kydds at Glenhead, Glenisla, paid £2800 for a Calla lamb by the 5500gns Conway sire, while Sandy and Steven Smith, Scar Hill, received £2200 for a lamb by a 1600gns MacAvoy sire, to Northern Ireland. Also at £2200 was the top lamb from Doldy Farms Eastmill consignment, a son of an £8000 Woolfords, which went to Billy Grant, Northern Ireland.

Shearling Rams:
£22,000  CRAIGNEICH (by 5k Hillhead) to Calla.
£11,000  CRAIGNEICH (by 5k Hillhead) to J Hunter, Glenarm & A&E Grant, Glendamph
£7800  ACHDREGNIE (by 5500 Conway Bros) to Conway Bros.
£6000  WOOLFORDS (by 220 Harkin) to NI.
£3200  AUCHNACLOICH (by 4200 Craigneich) to W & G Watson, NI.
£3200  ACHDREGNIE (by 5500 Conway) to WG MacPherson.
£3000  ACHDREGNIE (by 5500 Conway) to Woolfords.
£3000 - ACHDREGNIE (by 4800 Hillhead) to Hillhead & Bomakelloch.
£2000  NEWMILL OF INSHEWAN (by V Brennan sire) to Auchnacloich.

Ram lambs:
£8000  HILLHEAD OF MORINSH (by 3800 Achdregnie) to Auchnacloich.
£2800  CALLA (by 5500 Conway) to Glenhead.
£2200  EASTMILL (by 8k Woolfords) to B Grant, NI.
£2200  SCAR HILL (by 1600 MacAvoy) to MacAvoy, NI.

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