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Archived News

Hexham Ewe & Gimmer Sale 2020

1st October 2020

Hexham & Northern Marts
Blackface Draft Ewes
The Prize Show was kindly sponsored again this year by the C.L.A. and expertly judged by well know local breeders, Father and Son, John and Lewis Browell, Quarry House. Giving all pens due consideration they awarded the CLA Challenge Cup to a great pen of 20 6year old ewes from W Walton & Sons, Troughend which later sold at £115 purchased by JW Thompson & Son, Duddo Hill.
Pen of 20 or more - First Prize Troughend; Second Prize Townfoot; Third Prize Fleehope
A good show of ewes forward this year to a good ring of local and distant buyers which included new faces at this sale.

Trade was buoyant throughout and the average increased by £8.90 on the big average of last year.

4/5yo - £60 & £52 The Crew
5yo - £122 Townfoot, £100 Fleehope, £90 & £88 Featherwood, £85 Fleehope, £84 & £75 Featherwood, £72 Philhope & Featherwood (x2), £70 Philhope, £68 Philhope & Featherwood
6yo - £115 & £110 Troughend, £105 Horseholme, £80 Bilsmoor Park, £78 Toft House, £75 East Wilkwood, Troughend & Rookland, £72 Penpeugh, £71 East Wilkwood, £70 Ridlees Craigshield, £68 Cottonshope, £65 Ridlees Whitestones

Blackface Gimmers
A sound entry of over 600 Blackface Gimmers were presented by regular consignors to this sale and prior to the sale the show was judged by Mrs Ruth Mitcheson who made her awards as follows
Pen of 20 or more
First Prize Sewingshields, A Murray & Sons;Second Prize Horseholme, G Famelton;Third Prize Townshields, H&H Robson

With a great upsurge in demand for Blackiebred Mule Ewe lambs this season trade for gimmers was, as expected, greatly increased on the year.
The champion pen from M/s Murray was chased to £210 by keen bidders and eventually sold to a Wales based purchaser.

The same price was achieved by the second pen from Townshields which sold to a longstanding buyer at this sale from Derbyshire. Whilst M/s Robsons third pen sold to £200 going home with a return purchaser based in The Scottish Borders. The second prize pen from George Famelton, Horseholme, Gilsland, Cumbria sold early in the sale for £190 to an annual buyer.

A great many producers saw increases of £40 - £60 per head on not just lead pens but throughout some of the best runs once again cementing this sale as the premier outlet for such top quality Blackface Gimmers in The North of England.

Top averages were as follows 
Horseholme (sold 72) Top £190 Average £166
Stell Green (sold 40) Top £190 Average £162
East Wilkwood (sold 60) Top £180 Average £153
Townshields (sold 92) Top £210 Average £194
Sewingshields (sold 59) Top £210 Average £200
Leading Prices
£210 Sewingshields & Townshields, £205 Greenleas, £200 Townshields & Sewingshields, £195 Townshields (x2), £190 Horseholme, Stell Green & Sewingshields, £184 Horseholme, £180 East Wilkwood, £172 Falstone Farm, £170 Townshields, £165 Monkridge Hill, £160 East Wilkwood, £150 Horseholme, Monkridge Hill, East Wilkwood & Bilsmoor Park, £148 & £138 East Wilkwood, £135 Horseholme, Stell Green & East Wilkwood, £130 The Dunns & Monkridge Cottage, £125 Falstone Farm

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