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Scottish Blackface Sheep

Archived News

Ayr Ewe Lamb Sale 2020

3rd September 2020


Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 3912 Sheep forward comprising 453 Blackface Ewe Lambs.
Blackface Lambs sold to £160 for a Beautiful pen of 15 off Messrs J W Kay & Son, Sclenteuch Farm and being bought by Miss Michelle Wright, Ballymena, County Antrim.

The whole sale Averaged £84.05 (+£12.47).

Blackface Ewe Lambs (Top Price Per Head)
£160 Sclenteuch, £135 and £130 Gass, £108 and £92 Craig, £88 Largs, £82 Low Drumclog, £80 Largs, £78 x2 Knockendon and Knockeen.

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