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IAAS Update on Auction Marts

27th July 2020

18th July 2020
The Institute of Auctioneers and Appraisers in Scotland has updated its guidance for Scottish livestock auctions as more restrictions are eased during the Coronavirus pandemic.
The main changes are:
" All sales of livestock are now permitted subject to guidance being followed.
" One vendor per consignment may be allowed at ringside to see their stock sold and will be asked to exit the market when that has happened.
" Pre-sale viewing for buyers can be implemented where possible and in a controlled manner to allow buyers the opportunity to view stock before sales commence.

It is also recommended that customers wear face coverings in enclosed areas of the markets in line with the requirements on public transport and shops.

Full details of the current operational guidelines that have been agreed with Scottish Government officials can be found on the IAAS website  www.iaas.co.uk

These guidelines offer a framework for individual auction marts to operate within. Whilst markets now have the option to allow buyer viewing and limited vendor access, their ability to do so will depend on their own operational circumstances. Therefore, customers should be aware that there is no guarantee that all markets will offer additional access as this will be dependent on their own circumstance governed by matters such as the shape of the auction market and staffing levels. All of these additional services require agreement with Local Authorities and the Health and Safety Executive before they can be implemented.

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