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Hexham Ram Sale Report 2019

14th October 2019

Hexham Ram Sale 2019  Auctioneers Hexham & Northern Marts
Averages 210 Shearling rams £926 (+£85 for 8 fewer) 12 ram lambs £262

With entries slightly down on the year and sharper trades for ewe lambs, gimmers and draft ewes expectations were those of quiet confidence before the sale of the North of England Branch of Blackface sheep at Hexham on Monday 14th October. Trade was maintained at a buoyant level throughout the sale with many new faces round the ring at Hexham, as well as the large contingent of both regular breeder buyers and high-end commercial producers in attendance. Chris Armstrong, Auctioneer said Breeders sheep were in short supply and those that were fancied saw a smart return, whilst there was a strong commercial trade from five to eight hundred pounds throughout. Thanks to our vendors and good luck to our buyers with all their purchases.

A super show was put before the team of judges with real quality on display, using top breeding from both sides of the border which was evident in both the champion shearling and champion ram lamb. The shearlings were judged by George Bernie from Alnwick and his champion was chosen from Frank Hall, the shepherd for Selby Robson, Yatesfield, who had three shearlings forward. Frank runs 45 ewes of his own and this son of £1300 Larg of Creetown and out of a ewe by a £3500 Holylee sire sold for £7500 going to Joe Walton and Stewart Robson, Tofthouse and Neil Robson, Townshields. Earlier in the sale Tofthouse sold the top priced sheep of the day at £11,000, he was by the £16,000 Wanwoodhill, who was bought at Lanark in 2017 in partnership with Kirkstead and Mountbenger, and out of a ewe by £1200 Wanwoodhill. He was part of the second prize group of three shearlings and he was bought by Andy and Caroline Hunter from Carrick and The Steel. Another in the group from Tofthouse, bred the same way, sold to Andrew Murray, Stell Green for £8000. Andrew Murray, Stell Green had a tremendous pen of shearlings forward with six out the seven he sold making £1000 or more. His top lot was chapped down at £7500, selling to Tofthouse. He was by a seven-year-old Horseholm tup and out of a draft ewe bought from Tofthouse. Another in this lot made £6000, by a homebred son of £4000 Wanwoodhill, bought at Lanark, out of a £4500 Milnmark ewe, he went to J Pattinson, Hotbank, who also bought the next sheep in the ring at £2500. Geoff Paxton and his daughter Fiona were delighted with their trade of £4400 for a shearling sired by £2500 Wanwoodhill and out of a ewe by a Stewartshields tup, selling to M Ridley, Shitlington.

Jamie Murray, Sewingshields sold his shearlings to a top of £3500, this son of a Westhill tup, out of a Hotbank sired ewe was sold to Neil Robson, Townshields and Peter Turnbull, Shepherds Croft. Another from this pen made £2400 going to Mr Gibson, Thorntown Towers, he was sired by Sewingshields £9000 who was the champion at last years sale.
Anabelle Moreshead, Nilston Rigg sold her pen leader for £3500, this son of £4000 Tofthouse out of a homebred ewe, to Messrs Woodman, Great Chesters.

Philip and Dan Walton from Wanwoodhill received £2600 for a son of Binladen, out of homebred ewe, he went to Charlie Halbert, Prospect House. They also sold at £2000, this one by £2800 Kirkstead sire out of a £8500 Kirkstead ewe, going to The Lamperts.
Recouping some of the money they had spent earlier in the day was Andy and Caroline Hunter from Carrick, they sold a son of £4000 Tofthouse at £2300 to G Sordie & Son, Hazelton Rigg. Another from the same pen made £2200, this time a son of £12,000 Tofthouse out of a £4800 Wanwoodhill ewe went to Messrs Charlton, Whiteside.
Also selling at £2200 to John Riddle, Blakelaw was a £2000 Milnmark sired shearling out of a £1000 Tofthouse ewe, from Selby Robson, Yatesfield.

The champion ram lamb and overall champion sheep, a son of £4000 Drannandow, from Robert Mackay sold for £800 to A Ballantyne, The Lamperts.

Other Leading prices:-
£2000 Tofthouse,£1900 The Steel, £1900 Stellgreen, £1900 Hotbank,£1900 Shepherds Croft, £1800 Whiteside, £1800 Greenleighton, £1700 Yatesfield, £1500 The Dunns, £1500 Carrick, £1300 Whiteside, £1200 Tofthouse, £1400 Yatesfield (F Hall), £1350 The Dunns,, £1300 Prospect House, £1200 Townshields, £1100 Greenleighton, £1100 The Dunns, £1100 The Lamperts, £1050 The Dunns, £1050 Prospect House,£1000 Yatefield (F Hall), £1000 Bilsmoor, £1000 Sewingshields, £1000 Penpeugh, £1000 Townshields.

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