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Lanark Ewe Sale Report 2019

24th September 2019

1971 (+204) Ewes averaged £104.92 + £18.99. 892(-689) Gimmers averaged £161.95 + £34.29
The sale was topped at £1100 for both ewes and gimmers, John Murray, Crossflatt sold a pen of 6 ewes at this price to Aberuchill and Hugh & Alan Blackwood, Auldhouseburn also received £1100 for a pen of 3 gimmers selling to McCurdy, Northern Ireland.

EWES leading prices:-
£580 Crossflatt to McAteer & McCurdy; £560 Allanfauld to Drimsynie Estate & Wallace, NI; £500 Midlock to Mackie; £440 Blackhouse to Chirmorrie; £380 Midlock to Mackie; £360 Mitchellslacks to Tom Daly, NI; £320 Milnmark to S Bradley; £300 Connachan to Auchnafree; £300 Craigdarroch to McEldowney NI; £280 Connachan to Mains of Mause; £250 Blackcraig to M Conway; £200 Blackhouse to G Donald; £200 Midlock to Lurg; £190 Greenside to Burnbank; £160 Connachan to Coyle; £160 Blackcraig to M Conway; £150 Midlock to OMullan; £150 Craig to A McCulloch NI; £145 Williamhope to W McCann, NI; £145 Mitchellslacks to I & G Davidson, NI; £140 Milnmark to G Donald; £135 Connachan to D Brannagin, NI; £130 Midlock to CG Laverty, NI; £122 Crosswoodhill to RA Gordon, NI; £120 Arnicle to Aitkenhead; £120 Midlock to Merkland; £115 Dunruchan to M Barker; £115 Midlock to Riskenhope; £110 Greenside to JR Kerr; £100 Connachan to Coyle.

GIMMERS leading prices:-
£700 Glenrath to P McGuigan; £700 Shawesknowe to A Smith,NI; £680 Glenrath to K Mcaleer; £620 High Staward to Devine; £550 Connachan to D Shepherd; £380 Harestone to Marbrack; £380 Crossflatt to Waterlands; £340 Midlock to S Mceldowney; £240 Nunnnerie to Glenmore Estate,NI; £230 Harestone to RA Gordon, NI; £220 Glenrath to Dalbuiack; £220 Harestone to A McCulloch, NI; £210 Midlock to S McEldowney; £200 Nunnerie to Woolfords; £200 Toxside to M Workman, NI; £200 Mitchellslacks to D Shepherd; £190 Greenside to A McCulloch, NI; £190 Tinnis to M Workman, NI; £185 Nunnerie to Glenmore Estate; £180 Burncastle to Glenmore; £180 Midlock to Roach; £175 Blackhouse to Roach; £175 Harestone to P McCune; £170 Greenside to J Brennan, NI.

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