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Northern Ireland National Show 2019

12th August 2019

The Blackface Sheep Breeders Association Northern Ireland National Show was a resounding success. It was held in Ballymena Livestock Market on Monday 12th August, a new venue for this the second ever National show in Northern Ireland. Over 300 North Type and South Type Blackface were judged alternatively in the one ring, with over 400 spectators looking on, many journeyed over from Scotland to watch this spectacle. In the North type, judge David Baillie picked his overall champion from the strong female line up. The Grants from Cloughfin received this accolade along with the Haughton Memorial Trophy, with the first prize ewe who is by 5000 Harkin sire. The Grants also took the reserve male title with an aged ram, bought from Woolfords in 2018. George & John Conway received the reserve overall spot with a tup lamb, by a Woolford loan, and they also picked up the reserve champion female title with the second prize ewe, also by a Woolfords loan. In the South section, judge William Dunlop also picked a female as his overall champion, a ewe from Graham Wallace, Shilnavogie took the top spot, she is by £160,000 Dalchirla sire and was purchased from Auldhouseburn as a rough hogg. John & Patrick Harkin, Loughash were awarded the reserve overall ticket with the champion male, a tup lamb by £26,000 Auldhouseburn. The Harkins also received both the reserve female with their gimmer who is by £45,000 Harkin and the reserve male ticket with an aged ram who was purchased from Nunnerie for £12,000. Both judges complimented the quality of stock that was on show. Thank you to all our sponsors, especially Ulster Ram Breeders and exhibitors, we couldnt hold this without your support.

Class 1  North Type - Aged Ram
1st Billy Grant 2nd G & J Conway 3rd AB Carson 4th Mark & Russell Smyth 5th Kevin McAleer 6th G & W Watson 7th Sam Adams
Class 2 North Type  Shearling
1st Brian Curran 2nd AB Carson 3rd Brian Curran 4th Seamus & Claire Harkin 5th Mark & Russell Smyth 6th Sam Adams 7th AB Carson
Class 3 North Type  Tup Lamb
1st G & J Conway 2nd Thomas & Joe Adam 3rd Billy Grant 4th Brian Curran 5th Kevin McAleer 6th Kevin McAleer 7th Sam Adams
Class 4  North Type  Ewe
1st Billy Grant 2nd G & J Conway 3rd Sam Adams 4th Thomas & Joe Adams 5th Billy Grant
Class 5  North type  Gimmer
1st G & J Conway 2nd Billy Grant 3rd Tom Adams 4th Brian Curran 5th M & R Smyth, 6th Sam Adams, 7th G & J Conway.
Class 6 North Type  Ewe Lamb
1st G & J Conway 2nd Sam Adams 3rd G & J Conway 4th Sam Adams 5th Brian Curran 6th M & R Smyth 7th Brian Curran
Champion Male  G & J Conway tup lamb. Reserve Male Billy Grant
Champion Female  Billy Grant. Reserve Female G & J Conway
Overall Champion  Female Champion Billy Grant
Overall Reserve Champion  Male Champion G & J Conway
North Type Champion
Class 1  South Type  Aged Ram
1st J &P Harkin 2nd Graham Wallace 3rd J & P Murray 4th John Brennan 5th J & P Harkin 6th David Lennox 7th Barry Rodgers
Class 2 South Type  Shearling
1st Eoin McKenna 2ndJ & P Harkin 3rd Barry Rodgers 4th Graham Wallace 5th Sam Adams 6th David Lennox 7th Graham Wallace
Class 3 South Type  Tup Lamb
1st J & P Harkin 2nd Oliver Brannigan 3rd Barry Rodgers 4th J & P Harkin 5th C Phillips 6th Graham Wallace 7th Eoin McKenna
Class 4 South Type - Ewe
1st Graham Wallace 2nd Graham Wallace 3rd McLenaghan Family 4th Oliver Brannigan 5th Seamus & James Fegan
Class 5 South Type  Gimmer
1st J & P Harkin 2nd J & P Harkin 3rd J & P Harkin 4th Karl OMullan 5th David Lennox 6th Gordon Crawford 7th J & P Harkin
Class 6 South Type - Ewe Lamb
1st J & P Harkin 2nd J & P Murray 3rd J & P Harkin 4th Oliver Brannigan 5th Seamus & James Fegan 6th Frankie McCullough
Champion Male  J & P Harkin Tup Lamb Reserve J & P Harkin
Champion Female  Graham Wallace Ewe Reserve Female J & P Harkin Gimmer
Overall Champion  Graham Wallace Ewe
Overall Reserve Champion  J & P Harkin Tup Lamb
South Type Champion

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