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Lanark Lamb Ram Sale Report 2018

19th October 2018

155 ram lambs, £5560.58 (+£915.81 for the same number).
CENTRE records were smashed in more ways than one at Lawrie and Symingtons two-day sale of Blackface rams at Lanark, with the lamb day witnessing a new £160,000 high for the No 1 from Dunlops, at Elmscleugh, to bolster the average to a breed best of £5561.
Add to that no fewer than 17 five-figure transactions, numerous personal bests and the sale was an out and out flyer from start to finish.
It was a great sale, said head sheep auctioneer, Archie Hamilton. There is a definite upturn in the kind of sheep breeders are looking to produce, with a lot of bigger, stronger sheep with size, power and good skins behind them. The tups, in general, were also a lot stronger with commercial men quite happy to fork out £1200-£1500 for good, big commercial shearlings, added Mr Hamilton.
With the cash rolling in through the day, it was not until the end of the lamb day that the £160,000 cracker from Willie Dunlop and sons, Quintin and Williams 1900-ewe flock from Elmscleugh, Innerwick, Dunbar, came in.
The sale  which equalled Ian Hunters £160,000 record priced Dalchirla ram lamb at Dalmally in 2015  not only bolstered the sale average by more than £1000 per head, but also the flock average to £27,057 for seven.
This is a second six-figure priced lamb sold by the family, which follows on from their £100,000 lamb cashed at Dalmally in 2016.
There are some big bucks behind this belter too, with the sire being a £45,000 Midlock lamb bought here last year, while the dam is a daughter of the £100,000 Nunnerie Centurion lamb, purchased in 2014. He sold in a two-way split to Sir John and Iain Campbell, Glenrath, Peebles, and Hugh and Alan Blackwood, Auldhouseburn, Muirkirk, who between the two of them sold four of the next five top priced lambs.
Minutes later, Elmscleugh got £10,000 for its No 3 lamb, a son of last years £58,000 Auldhouseburn lamb shared with Glenrath, of which the Blackwoods retained a share. Bred from a ewe by an £8000 Dyke, he sold across the Irish Sea with Grant Bros, Craigdhu, and John and Brian Harkin, respectively, at Loughash and Moneygran.
Sons of the £75,000 Dalchirla lamb bought last year at Dalmally by Glenrath and Auldhouseburn, proved popular for both flocks, with sons selling to £80,000, £75,000 and £70,000.
The dearest, which was producing a personal best for the Blackwoods Auldhouseburn flock, also has Dalchirla genetics on the dams side, being a daughter of the £160,000 Dalchirla. Later christened The Boss, he was knocked down to the Kays at Gass, Straiton  Andrew and sons, Robert and Andrew  and Ewen Macmillan, Lurg, Fintry.
Auldhouseburn also got £28,000 for its No 3, a son of their £58,000 lamb, bred from a £90,000 Blackhouse daughter that was also the dam of the £28,000 Auldhouseburn sold in 2016. Four flocks came up with the readies  the Dunlops from Upper Wellwood, Muirkirk James, Matthew, Hannah and Andrew, Muirkirk; Jim and Eoin Blackwood, Dalblair, also Muirkirk; Rory Kerr, The Glen, Drymen; and Andrew and Ian Cullens, Dollarbank, Dollar.
While Elmscleugh topped the sale, it was Glenraths team of six lambs, ably brought out by flock manager, Steven Renwick, that produced the lead average at just shy of £30,000.
Notably, all bar one were sons of the £75,000 Dalchirla lamb, including the pen leader which made £70,000 selling to Elmscleugh; Archie MacGregor and son, John, Allanfauld, Kilsyth; and Jimmy MacGregor and son, Donald, Dyke, Milton of Campsie. Bred from one of the best ewes in the flock which is by a £6500 High Staward  a tup that bred shearlings at £42,000 and £11,000 last year.
The same genetics were behind Glenraths No 4 which made £75,000 to brothers Tommy Renwick and son, Tam, and Billy Renwick and his son Andrew, who farm at Williamhope, Clovenfords and Blackhouse, Yarrow, respectively, along with Burncastle Farming Co, managed by Alan Rogerson, Lauder.
The dam is a daughter of the flocks popular show ewe that stood reserve at the National breed show and champion at Peebles, last year.
The second Glenrath lamb, again by the £75,000 Dalchirla with a £90,000 Dalchirla-sired dam, made £18,000 selling to Robert Flett, who runs just 40 ewes in his Crakaig flock, and Peter Junor, Daviot, Inverness-shire.
John Renwick and son, Iain, Corsebank, Sanquhar, also paid £10,000 for the third Glenrath lamb which is by the same Dalchirla sire with a dam by a £20,000 Midlock.
Northern Ireland breeders, John and Charlie Harkin, Loughash, Co Tyrone, came up with the goods too, with lambs at £30,000 and £13,000.
Both were sons of the £45,000 Loughash lamb  a £14,000 High Staward-sired lamb sold here last year of which a share was retained. The first, which was bred from a ewe by a £24,000 Elmscleugh, sold across the Irish Sea to Veronica Fullerton; Damien McSwiggan and Brian Devine, while the latter, bred from a ewe by a £7000 Nunnerie, was knocked down to Elmscleugh.
Home-bred genetics were behind Sandy and Tommy Pattersons top priced lamb from their Auchloy flock, at Crieff, when their pen leader made £26,000 to Northern Ireland breeders, Charlie Phillips, Finglen, Draperstown, and Eoin McKenna, Tullykeeran, with the Pattersons retaining an equal share. The lamb is by an £8000 Auchloy sold here last year  a Crossflatt son of £160,000 Dalchirla  while the dam is a direct daughter of the £38,000 Auchloy.
There were celebrations when Obie Sharp and her daughter, Jacqui Campbell, sold the dearest off Longcroft at £20,000. The 1400-ewe flock from just outside Lauder is farmed in a contract agreement with Burncastle Farming Co, managed by Alan Rogerson, and herded by Peter Lothian, and saw their best sell to Glenrath  who parted with two-thirds of the value  with the remaining third selling to Ewan McMillan, Traquair Hill, Innerleithen. A son of the £42,000 Glenrath shearling sold here last here, he is bred from a show gimmer by a Burncastle son of a £21,000 Glenrath.
Sam McClymont and sons, William and Scott, Tinnis, Yarrow, also enjoyed their best ever trade taking £16,000 and £11,000 for sons of the £17,000 Easter Happrew bought last year. The former, bred from a ewe by a £7500 Hartside, headed home with Tom and Mairi Paterson and son Robert, Dunruchan, Muthill, Crieff.
The latter, which is out of the second prize ewe from the Highland by a £2800 Tollishill, stood first in his class at Yarrow, and goes out to work at Outer Huntly, Yarrow, with Stewart McIntosh.
Prices held up right to the end, with one of the last lots sold making £15,000 to David Murray, Lurgan, Aberfeldy, with Neil and Stuart Barclay, Harestone, Insch, later taking a third share. This was dearest from John Murray, Crossflatt, Muirkirk, who sold his No 2, by a home-bred son of Tornado  a son of the £160,000 Dalchirla retained for breeding  out of a ewe by a £15,000 Nunnerie.
On the debit side, Crossflatt and Gass joined forces to buy Davie Morrison and shepherd Andrew McMillans pen leader from Dalwyne, Barr, at £12,000. A son of the £22,000 Dalchirla lamb bought last year at Dalmally, he is out of a ewe by a £13,000 Elmscleugh.
Jim and Eoin Blackwood, Dalblair, Muirkirk, sold their pen leader at £14,000. By an Auldhouseburn-bred son of the £85,000 Elmscleugh sold the previous day, he sold to Sanny Blackwood, Greenside, and Andy Woodburn and son Andy, Netherwood, both Muirkirk, and Billy Grant, Craigdhu, Northern Ireland. Reserve champion at Muirkirk Show, his dam is by a £15,000 Auldhouseburn.
Not to be outdone, a son of the £32,000 Dalchirla lamb sold last year at Dalmally, made £10,000 for Archie and John MacGregor, Allanfauld, when their No 3, sold to John Marshall, Gosland. His dam is by a £37,000 Dyke lamb.
Ram lambs  £8000  Loughash, by a £7000 Nunnerie, to Nunnerie; Midlock, by Hawkeye  a home-bred son of £35,000 Dalchirla  to K O'Mullan, Northern Ireland.
£7000  N and S Barclay, by a £32,000 Dalchirla, to D Ferguson, Drannandow and Markdhu, Newton Stewart; Elmscleugh, by a £7000 Crossflatt, to J Carruthers, Silloans, Rochester; Dyke, by Tornado, to S Fegan, Northern Ireland.
£6500  Easter Happrew, by a £58,000 Auldhouseburn, to Tinnis and A McClymont and Sons, Kirkstead, Yarrow.
£6000  Midlock, by a £10,000 Upper Wellwood, to B McFarlane, Drumgrange, Patna
£5500  Auldhouseburn, by a £58,000 Auldhouseburn, to Silloans; Glenrath, by a £75,000 Dalchirla, to R Colley, Mitchellslacks, Thornhill; M Hamilton, South Cobbinshaw, by a £13,000 Elmscleugh, to R Loughrey, Northern Ireland; Dyke, by a £3000 Elmscleugh, to Elmscleugh
£5000  Elmscleugh, by a £45,000 Midlock, to Nunnerie and Loughash; Allanfauld, by a £32,000 Dalchirla, to Elmscleugh.

FLOCK averages
Ram lambs
Troloss (3) 500 433.33 
Harestone (3) 7000 3033.33 
Loughash (8) 30,000 8375.00 9100
Traquair Hill (3) 3200 1866.66 
High Staward (3) 700 700.00 2225
Pole (3) 3800 2266.66 
Williamhope (3) 1400 1100.00 
Auldhouseburn (5) 80,000 23,980 16,520
Dalwyne (3) 12,000 4383.33 3620
Dalblair (3) 14,000 4462.50 1933
Glenrath (6) 75,000 29,900 9633
Gass (4) 3000 1500.00 1483
Gosland (3) 1100 716.66 1033
Upper Wellwood (4) 2200 1062.50 3050
Nunnerie (5) 3200 1760.00 10,220
Midlock (6) 8000 3700.00 13,244
Milnmark (3) 3800 1666.66 1067
Tinnis (3) 16,000 9166.66 
Blackcraig (4) 2000 950.00 2888
Dyke (6) 5500 2683.33 1770
Elmscleugh (7) 160,000 27,057.14 2914
South Cobbinshaw (4) 5500 2262.50 
Allanfauld (6) 10,000 3616.66 4500
Auchloy (3) 26,000 9866.66 3117
Crossflatt (5) 15,000 5400.00 7250

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