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Scottish Blackface Sheep

The Blackface Sheep Breeders Association

About Us

The Blackface Sheep Breeders' Association was formed at a meeting in Lanark in 1901, when the attending Blackface breeders recognised that there were problems within the sheep industry.

From the outset, the main objectives of the Association were to actively promote the breed and its virtues. To this day, the objectives of the Association are:

  • To encourage the breeding of the Blackface Sheep.
  • To further the interests of the breed in every way that the Association may see fit.

As well as actively promoting the breed, the Association works closely with the NSA and the NFU to ensure that hill farming has a viable future.

We also work closely with auction markets, meat plants and supermarkets to try and find profitable markets for Blackface Lamb.

The Association is open to anyone who has an interest in the breed. We currently have 1400 members within 17 branches throughout the UK, including members in Europe and as far away as Venezuela. The branches hold stock-judgings and meetings throughout the year.

If you would like to become a member, please download our membership form and/or the direct debit form. The can be found on the membership page within this section.

Membership entitles you to receive our annual Journal and newsletters. It also allows you access to sell lambs via any promotions set up by the Association or at any Association sales.

If you would like to contact an office bearer or a council member in your area to discuss any issues, please find their contact details using the menu on the left.

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