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Lanark Ram Lamb Sale 2017
20th October 2017


Averages: 155 ram lambs, £4644.77 (+£483 for 30 fewer sold).
No fewer than 18 lots broke the five-figure barrier at the sale of Blackface ram lambs at Lanark, where averages increased by £483 on the year, albeit for 30 fewer sold.
Trade soared to £58,000 for one from Hugh and Alan Blackwood, Auldhouseburn, Muirkirk. Their best was a son of the £85,000 Elmscleugh tup bought last year, while the dam is by £50,000 Crossflatt. Buyers were the Dunlops at Elmscleugh, Dunbar and the Campbells for their Glenrath flock at Peebles, with the Blackwoods retaining a third share.
From the same pen, Northern Irelands Colm McAteer and Sam Wallace, paid £12,000 for a son of the £50,000 Crossflatt, out of a daughter of the £65,000 Auldhouseburn.
The Campbell family from Glenrath and Easter Happrew, Peebles, had a memorable two days at Lanark, with both lambs and shearlings. On lamb day, their highlights included lambs at £55,000 and £17,000 from the Easter Happrew pen, and others at £23,000, £13,000 and £9000 from the Glenrath consignment.
At £55,000 was another by the £85,000 Elmscleugh, out of a £50,000 Crossflatt-sired dam. He sold to Malcolm Coubrough, Hartside, Lamington; the Ramsays at Milnmark, Dalry, and John and Iain Finlay, Blackcraig, Corsock.
The £17,000 Easter Happrew lamb, a son of an £18,000 Midlock, out of a £26,000 Crossflatt-sired dam, sold to the Tinnis, Kirkstead and Burncastle flocks.
Meanwhile, from the Glenrath pen, a son of the £85,000 Elmscleugh, out of a ewe by the £90,000 Dalchirla, reached £24,000, selling to the Kay familys Gass flock at Straiton. Another by the Elmscleugh sire, out of a daughter of a £34,000 Midlock, sold at £13,000 to Tommy Renwick, Williamhope, Clovenford; John Hamilton, Aitkengall, Innerwick; Burncastle, Lauder and the Renwicks at Blackhouse, Yarrow.
Midlock lambs from the Wight family at Crawford, proved popular, selling at £45,000 and £40,000. Pen topper, selling at £45,000 to Elmscleugh, was a son of the £100,000 Elmscleugh, bought at Dalmally last year, out of a ewe by a £44,000 Crossflatt.
Not far behind, at £40,000, a son of the £28,000 Auldhouseburn, out of a ewe by £25,000 Crossflatt, sold to John Carruthers, Silloans, Rochester; plus the Williamhope and Blackhouse flocks.
Also hitting £45,000 was the best from the Harkins Loughash flock from Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Sired by a £14,000 High Staward ram, out of a daughter of a £24,000 Elmscleugh, he sold to Auldhouseburn, Crossflatt and Paul Coulson, High Staward, Hexham, with the Harkins retaining a quarter share.
Late in the day, Billy and Andrew Renwick received a top of £28,000 for a lamb from their Blackhouse flock from Yarrow, which sold to Glenrath. He is by a £25,000 Elmscleugh, out of a ewe by the £24,000 Allanfauld Hulk.
Three lambs from the Nunnerie consignment from Elvanfoot, Biggar, hit five-figures, selling to a top of £20,000 for a son of the £100,000 Elmscleugh, out of a ewe by an £11,000 Aitkenhead. He sold across the water to Eoin McKenna and Charlie Phillips, Northern Ireland.
At £12,000 from Nunnerie, a son of the home-bred Wisecrack, sod to Connachan and Craig Paterson, Aberuchle, Comrie, while a son of an £8000 Loughash made £11,000 to Loughash and Allanfauld.
The Crossflatt pen from John Murray, Muirkirk, ended the sale on a bang, with one at £20,000, selling to the Jacksons at Pole, Lochgoilhead; Donald McVicar, Lephinchapel, Strachur; David Murray, Lurgan, Aberfeldy, and A Wright, West Lundie, Doune.
Four lambs hit the £10,000 mark, with the first, a son of a £5000 Crossflatt, from Jamie and Matthew Dunlop, Upper Wellwood, Muirkirk, selling to Midlock, with the Dunlops retaining an equal share.
Next up, Archie and John MacGregor, Allanfauld, Kilsyth, sold a son of a £2400 Auldhouseburn, at £10,000, to Michael Wood, Shawsknowe, Crosshill, and Stephen Duncans Livet flock at Glenlivet.
At the same money, David Morrison, Dalwyne, Barr, Girvan, sold a son of the £52,000 Crossflatt, to Andrew Provan, Parkhall, Douglass and the Hamiltons at Aitkengall.
Last at £10,000 was one from the Finlays at Blackcraig, Corsock  a son of a £25,000 Elmscleugh, which sold to Nunnerie.

£9000  Glenrath (by £85k Elmscleugh) to Crosswoodburn and Mitchellhill; Midlock (by Hawk Eye), to Brian Devine and Veronica Fullerton; Craigdoo to Netherwood and Craig.
£8500  Crossflatt (by Tornado) to Harestone and Troloss.
£8000  Auldhouseburn (by £85k Elmscleugh) to Dyke and Burnhead; Auchloy (by a Crossflatt-bred son of £160k Dalchirla) to Connachan and Glen, with Auchloy retaining a third share.

LEADING averages:
Flock (no) Top (£) Av. (£)
Easter Happrew (4) 55,000 19,750
Auldhouseburn (5) 58,000 16,520
Midlock (8) 45,000 13,243.75
Nunnerie (5) 20,000 10,220
Glenrath (6) 24,000 9633.33
Loughash (7) 45,000 9100
Crossflatt (6) 20,000 7250
Allanfauld (3) 10,000 4500
Dalwyne (5) 10,000 3620
Craigdoo (4) 9000 3600
Auchloy (3) 8000 3116.67
Upper Wellwood (4) 10,000 3050
Elmscleugh (7) 6000 2914.29
Blackcraig (4) 10,000 2887.50
High Staward (4) 3500 2225
Dalblair (3) 3000 1933.33
Merkins (3) 3500 1866.67
Dyke (5) 4000 1770
Hartside Lammermuir (3) 3200 1633.33
Gass (3) 2400 1483.33
Milnmark (3) 1500 1066.67
Gosland (3) 2000 1033.33
Mitchellhill (3) 2200 1050
Whelphill (3) 2200 1050

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